Social Media Negetive Impact on Girls


Social media has a negative impact on youth. The use of the phone throughout the day and the use of social media can affect health which leads to depression. A recent research has revealed that social media has a negative impact on girls than boys. That is, the more social media girls use, the worse it will affect.

About ten thousand children between the ages of 13 and 16 were interviewed. Researchers said that the use of social media does not have much effect, but frequent overuse affects our activities that are essential to the body. For example, sleep and exercise. In addition, new-age children are also victims of false content and cyberbullying. The worst cases of cyberbullying were reported in girls’ cases.

The research revealed that 60 per cent of girls had mental problems due to low sleep and cyberbullying. This means that many girls have gone into depression too. On the other hand, 12 per cent of the boys had to go through mental unrest because of this. Experts say good sleep and exercise can relieve discomfort.