Having trouble getting sleep during coronavirus lockdown? Less use of phones, warm showers can help maintain sleeping pattern



Anxiety and worry may often affect sleeping patterns. In the current lockdown situation, people might find it hard to get a good night’s sleep due to the fear of contracting the virus.

Lack of sleep could lead to other health issues. Without proper sleep, one would feel lethargic throughout the day

Here are some useful tips to beat insomnia

Less use of phone

Several studies have shown that the blue light of phones or tablets disrupts melatonin levels, the hormone responsible for sleep/wake cycle. So, doctors advise that you should not use the phone before going to bed. Instead, try reading a book before sleeping.

Coffee consumption

Caffeine is a widely used stimulant across the world. It produces an alerting effect by improving the release of some brain chemicals, reducing fatigue. The consumption of caffeine in excess amount may cause sleep disruptions.

Don’t eat just before going to bed

It is advised that you should not have food within three hours of bedtime to avoid indigestion and acid reflux. Eating just before sleeping may upset the sleep cycle.

Warm shower

Some studies have revealed that taking a warm shower before going to bed increases the chances of a sound sleep. Hot water is said to dilate your blood vessels and skin’s ability to lose excess heat.

Avoid alcohol

Some people take wine or whiskey before going to sleep. This habit may affect your sleeping pattern as alcohol blocks tryptophan, an amino acid that helps you sleep, from reaching the brain.